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coDiagnostiX™ offers a new groundbreaking guided surgery workflow which integrates both drill guide and prosthesis design and fabrication.



Seamless integration of preoperative and prosthetic procedures



Prosthetic-driven planning

Comprehensive visualization and real prosthetic-driven implant planning enables users to achieve predictable results in advanced surgical applications. Direct import of prosthetic designs from DWOS CAD software into coDiagnostiX™ allows for the integration of preoperative and prosthetic situations and marks a new era in prosthetic-driven implant planning.



Immediate provisional restorations

The export of preoperative planning data from coDiagnostiX™ into DWOS CAD allows for the design and fabrication of preoperative provisional restorations. With timely and easy access to immediate provisional restorations clinicians can significantly improve the quality of life for patients and help to foster patient satisfaction during treatment.



Digital drill guide fabrication

coDiagnostiX™ is the first and only software on the market to support digital drill guide design and fabrication directly through the local laboratory. Get in five design steps to an accurate drill template.

  • Digital drill guide design step 1Insertion direction
  • Digital drill guide design step 2Contact surfaces
  • Digital drill guide design step 3Optional inspection windows
  • Digital drill guide design step 4Optional engraving
  • Digital drill guide design step 5Finished template


The new time and cost saving digital workflow does not require a scan template for digital drill guide fabrication. The 3D volume data from a (CB)CT scanner is combined with a surface scan. Such surface scans can be made with intra oral scanners (I-Tero by Kadent), model or impression scanners (i, 3 or 7 series by Dental Wings).



(CB)CT data import

By supporting the DICOM standard, coDiagnostiX™ is compatible with a high variety of (CB)CT scanners. The application is able to import data from harddrive, removable media and network storage. With caseXchange™, the radiologist can also send the data directly via internet [1].

Our industry leading 3D printer captures detail with the utmost precision. 

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We are proud to offer you the best materials, technology and techniques in the industry. 


With over 8000 implant cases restored in the last 8 years, our knowledge and experience is your key to successful treatments and satisfied patients.


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